The brand


Blu Paraiso is a menswear label blending vintage menswear, upcycled fabrics and craftsmanship. Entirely produced by artisans in Mexico, the label aims at giving a new perspective to the country’s textile heritage and gathering a community who believe in creativity, uniqueness and respect. Blu Paraiso is defined by a laidback and colorful style. Our garments are designed to be kept from one season to another.




Born from a passion for colors and vintage menswear, the label aims at creating unique and soulful designs that celebrate craftsmanship. Blu Paraiso strives to elevate casual garments and infuse them with unique handwork. These garments are designed to be long lasting and to be cherished forever. Like a beautiful souvenir from Mexico… We work with a small group of dyers, weavers, embroiderers and tailors whose ambition is to manufacture high quality and respectful garments. The label has a limited quantity and preorder philosophy that avoids overproduction and gives the time to our artisans to express their talents.

The Designer


Martin was born in France in 1981. He grew up in an artistic environment. His parents were running fashion shops and book shops. After studying Textile Design in Paris, he moved to Milan to pursue his dream. He first expressed his talent as a Print Designer and then later as a Menswear Designer for different luxury brands. In 2013, he moved to London to follow his career path. Today Martin divides his time between Europe and Mexico where his team of artisans is based.

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