The Yucatán Collection

Influenced by the Yucatán lifestyle, from the rugged beauty of Celestún to the colonialist architecture of Mérida, the collection blends military inspired pieces, authentic ranchero details and tropical flower prints for a laid-back and inspired look.

The Flora Yucateca print

The Flora Yucateca print is inspired by the lush flora of Yucatán. It has been hand drawn and based on photos taken around Mérida and Valladolid. Passion fruits and birds of paradise are the main flowers represented on this artwork. The background colors mimic the disheveled painted walls of Mérida. The print comes in two scales in sage and orange.


Vintage and deadstock fabrics

Blending the old and the new. Mixing unique vintage pieces, deadstock fabrics and new designs is at the core of the Blu Paraiso aesthetic. We believe in long lasting designs and reusing the best elements from the past. These unique pieces run through the entire collection.